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welcome to mcminnville crossfit imua

Our goal is to provide you with the best CrossFit training anywhere. To achieve this goal we will work together as your trainers, but ask that you to commit to getting fit! Your success is a partnership and we want all of our athletes to be winners!



Were on NE Alpine Ave. between NE 11th Ave and NE 11th Way across from the new and fabulous Mac Market. Slap this address into your navigation and that should get you to us. 1101 NE Alpine Ave, McMinnville, OR 97128



Please park in front of the McMinnville CrossFit building or in the gravel at the end of the parking lot or pretty much anywhere on Alpine Ave. On running days we will put the cone out to let you know not to park in front of the roll up door that we will be running out of.



IMPORTANT! You can sign up for your free week by putting this url into your browser...



Bring a water bottle and if you must, a phone on vibrate. Leave everything else locked in the car...except your keys! There is shelving on the East side of the gym (by the stairs) available for you to put your belongings including your gym bag with all of your necessities for a successful training sesh!


If you are bringing kids please take them straight to the kids room. They are absolutely not allowed in the main gym area with the equipment. If no one is lifting or working out in the East side they are welcome to run around and play a little bit on the rope and rings with your supervision only. This is for everyone’s safety.


We know life happens but please try to arrive on time.  The warm up is important... check it out on the board and get going. Late arrivals are a distraction to the other members as well as unsafe for the late arriver. Arriving on time will allow the appropriate time to ask the trainer any questions you might have and discuss concerns.


After we review form, talk about the WOD, and modify and scale it according to each individuals fitness level, we will get started. Your trainer will group those at similar fitness levels together and “3,2,1, go”. It’s on!



We love having guests. If you are an out of town CrossFitter please follow the directions above to purchase your free week and just drop us an email letting us know to expect you. We don't charge out of town CrossFitters, but if you want to buy a T-shirt or bring us one from your box, that's cool!

While our current clients are our primary focus, if you bring someone new we not only appreciate it, but we’ll be happy to give them a tour and answer all of their questions. Letting us know and bringing them before a class is best!



This includes but is not limited to.

 Please watch where you are going! Please put unused equipment back where it belongs...including pull up bands. Please wipe down your stuff!  Wipe bars and KBs with bleach water provided. Soft items like ab mats, yoga mats, medicine balls are to be cleaned with the purple solution.


Control your bar and implements at all times. Bail if you need to but please don’t throw stuff. A good bail is a beautiful thing. Learn it well.


Check your ego at the door. If a trainer sees that you are compromising form for a heavy lift they may tell you to lower the weight.  Your safety is more important than that heavy lift.


As trainers, we promise: to be on time (most of the time, as previously stated, life happens for us too sometimes), scale appropriately, encourage, answer all questions, be patient, pay attention, keep you safe and most of all, listen. We’ll tell you when you’ve done well and what you need to improve on and make sure you get as much from your workout as you want to. You’re here to change your life and we’re here to help.


Now, let’s get busy, we’ve got fun to do! 3... 2... 1... IMUA!!!

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